Items Needed:
* Piece of clear or white plastic
* Piece of white garland material
* Decorative garland (the kind for miniature trees)
* A miniature ornament for tree topper (we used an angel)
* Pencil or marker
* Piece of ribbon
* Scissors
* Glue
* Suction cup hook (optional)
Note: You can use a piece of card stock or cardboard instead of plastic to back your tree. We used plastic so the sun would shine through the tree for a sun catcher effect.

1. Draw a tree shape on your plastic or card stock. (Use a stencil if necessary).
2. Glue the white garland to the tree shape.
3. Wrap the decorative garland around the tree. Glue the ends to the back of the tree.
4. Attach the tree topper to the tree and glue it.
5. Tie the ribbon around the tree topper.
6. If this will be a sun catcher or window ornament,

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