Here are some resources that help kids celebrate green! Don't forget to check out our recommended reading.

ParenthoodNJ Crafts - including our Shamrock Mouse
DLTK Growing Together - St. Patrick's Day activities including dot-art printables, coloring pages, games and more
Enchanted Learning - St. Patrick's Day crafts & activities
KinderArt - St. Patrick's day projects including a Shamrock mask and printable coloring pages

Craft books:
Crafts for St. Patrick's Day by Kathy Ross

Felt Shamrock Mouse
Items Needed:
(see below for alternate materials)
* piece of green felt
* piece of pink felt
* pink pom pom
* googly eyes or felt or paper eyes
* black yarn or pipe cleaner
* craft glue
* scissors
* black marker
* magnet (optional)

Recommended for preschoolers & older (although adults will need to help with scissors for younger kids)

I discovered this craft in Crafts for St. Patrick's Day by Kathy Ross and my 4-year-old and I decided to give it a try. Now, I'm often unprepared for our impromptu craft sessions so there are suggested alternatives to the items needed, depending on what you have and your child's preference. The steps for completing this project are basically the same, regardless of the materials used.

First cut out a shamrock shape from your green felt (or paper, see below). If you're like me and can't really draw, you can trace a template from online and use that to cut your shape. Young children will need help cutting this shape, especially if you're using felt.

Then draw and cut out the inner ears from the pink felt or paper. These are basically a heart shape.

Your child can then glue the inner ears to the shamrock shape and then attach the nose. Whether you use googly eyes or make your own out of felt or paper, your child can glue those next. (Note: the larger eyes look best; we tried smaller ones and the mouse looked a bit shifty).

Then glue the whiskers and your St. Patrick's Day Mouse is complete.

Alternate Materials:
- if you don't have felt, you can do this entire project with paper and yarn. Just use colored paper for the shamrock, eyes, nose and ears and yarn for the whiskers
- if you don't have googly eyes, you can make eyes out of white felt or paper; just cut out two circles and then use a black marker to make the pupils
- Kathy Ross' book called for yarn for the whiskers but my daughter wanted to use a black pipe cleaner. Just cut it to desired length, bend and glue onto the face
- if you don't have a small pom pom you can cut out the nose from a piece of leftover pink felt or paper
- you can turn this into a festive magnet by attaching a small magnet to the back

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