Items Needed:
* Heart-shaped cookie cutter (sizes optional)
* Piece of white paper
* Glitter Glue or glitter paint
* Pencil or marker
* Scissors (optional)

A quick and easy craft for young children.

Place the cookie cutter on the paper and draw or help your child to trace the heart. You can draw as many hearts as you want and if you have various sizes of cookie cutters, you can mix and match.

If you want to highlight the border of the hearts, use a marker, otherwise use a pencil.

Have your child paint the inside of the hearts with the glitter glue or paint.

You can:
- leave the hearts on the paper and give as a gift or showcase as a Valentine Decoration
- cut out the hearts and use them to decorate a Valentine's Day card (you'll need small hearts for this or a larger piece of paper than 8 1/2 by 11 for the card)
- cut out the hearts and tape them to a door or window to create some festive decor

Items Needed:
* A piece of pink or red construction paper
* A piece of white copy or construction paper
* Glitter Glue or Glitter Paint
* Craft Glue
* Scissors
* Pencil

Kids of all ages can do this craft although younger children will need help with the cutting.

Fold your colored construction paper in half and draw half a heart. Then cut it out.

Fold the paper in other sections and draw and cut smaller hearts. The location of these hearts is up to you.

Have or help your child use the craft glue to attach the colored construction paper to the white paper.

Then decorate the white sections with glitter paint or glitter glue. You can add sequins for extra dazzle.

Don't throw out the hearts you cut out. You can use them:
- by placing them loose in a Valentine's Day Card's envelope
- you can use them to decorate a Valentine Card

Items Needed:
* Heart-shaped doilies in red and white (color and sizes are optional)
* Glitter Glue or Glitter Paint (clear or white glitter paint works best here)
* Craft Glue (if you don't use glitter glue)
* Red, pink or white construction paper (optional)

This is a quick and easy craft for even very young children because they can just slap on the glitter glue and it will still look pretty and sparkly.

You can use a piece of red, pink or white construction paper as a background or you can choose to just have the doilies decorated. You can also pick smaller doilies and attach them to a folded piece of construction paper to decorate the cover of a card.

To do the craft the way we did, attach the larger doily to the construction paper with craft glue or glitter glue. Note, we used glitter glue for this step and my daughter was very liberal with the glue which is why it looks puckered in the photo. It looks fine but if you want to avoid the puckering use regular craft glue for this step.

Then attach the smaller doily to the larger one using glitter glue or use craft glue and then paint it with sparkling paint. There is no "right way" to do this. Let your child spread as little or as much glue or paint as they'd like. If you don't want the craft to get too wet and pucker, try having them decorate the doilies first and then attach them to the construction paper when they're mostly dry.

You can vary this craft with different colored doilies and backgrounds, varied glue colors or add sequins.